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The Primitive Front Porch

Posted by Joanna on 4 Comments

Every home remodeling show will tell you that curb appeal makes a big difference, right? We spend a lot of time working on the inside of our homes to make them reflect the style and image we prefer, but let’s not forget to give the outside a little attention smile

Primitive Front Porch

This fall, Jack built us a...

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Fall Is Coming Soon

Posted by Joanna on 1 Comment

It won’t be too much longer before all the leaves change color. I’m thankful for the seasons we experience in northern Minnesota. It’s fun to experiment with changing colors and styles of weaving to reflect the switch from summer to autumn. We don’t use dyed stakes or rims very often, but...

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Putting Baskets to Use

Posted by Joanna on 1 Comment

When we moved here 22 years ago, we planted a dozen apple trees. Today, they produce more than we can handle! But there’s just something wonderful about eating what we can grow. I think this batch will be made into cider this week.

Square Market Basket
Square Market Basket


Posted by Joanna on 1 Comment

One of my favorite aspects of home decorating is mixing different textures. Add a section of seagrass weavers to this Toiletries Basket, and the contrasting texture pops!

Toiletries Basket

Using a continuous weave with seagrass isn’t as easy as weaving with rattan, but it changes the entire look of the...

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The Hunt ...

Posted by Joanna on 1 Comment

I LOVE antique shopping ... especially with friends.  Last weekend we had that opportunity and scored.  We found two antique rolling pins that were decently priced and therefore purchased! 

Rolling Pins

So the two treasures sat on the shelf looking at us all week as we worked hard on custom storage...

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A Brand New Site

Posted by Joanna on 2 Comments

It has been said that good things come to those who wait … and now, after almost a year in the making, we are proud to be launching our newly designed website for Joanna’s Collections, Country Home Basketry.

Since January of 2005, our previous site offered on-line shoppers a...

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The Basket Blog

Basket Finishes

Posted by Joanna on 1 Comment

I have experimented extensively. Here are some of my conclusions.

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May ‘24 Free Pattern

Posted by Joanna on 2 Comments

This basket was designed to hang on a Colonial home's front door ~ the owner was tired of letters dropping through the mail slot onto the floor! The Large Painted Mail Basket...

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April ‘24 Free Pattern

Posted by Joanna on 3 Comments

In olden days, a "keeping room" was the center of a colonial home. It was warmed by the fireplace and most of life's activity took place in that small room. Baskets were...

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