Basket Finishes

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Finishes ~ I have experimented extensively.  I used to just leave my baskets “natural” but I didn’t think they looked completed and the color-dyed weavers faded over time. 

Then I moved on to Danish Oil which offered several color options.  After becoming bored with their selections, I started using MinWax interior woodworking stains.  They have LOTS of color options.  The oil-based stain soaks into the pores of the reed nicely.  It does, however, take several days to completely “cure” at which time the odor dissipates.  Water-based stains are also a good option.  They have virtually no odor at all and there is a variety of colors available.

Mitten Basket

                                                  Mitten Basket

And then I discovered the stain/paint finish.  It’s a three step procedure which is time-consuming but well worth it:

1.  Dip the whole basket in a dark (walnut) oil-based stain.  Hang it kitty-corner to let it drip dry.

2.  Duct tape off the rim (optional) and spray paint the basket with a satin or flat oil-based spray paint.  Rustoleum or Krylon have great color options:  slate blue, Colonial red, moss green, black, ivory, etc.

3.  While the spray paint is still damp, dip a rag in boiled linseed oil and rub the basket in random spots.  It will pull some of the paint off leaving the stain underneath to show through.  The final look is “grungy” or “shabby chic”.

Painted Market Basket

                                          Painted Market Basket

So there it is ~ good luck!  And if/when you finish one of your projects, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) me a photo.  I’d love to include it in an entry on my website’s blog.

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Beautiful baskets!!

Bridget 04/27/12

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Basket Finishes

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