Benjamin Barron House

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We received this note a few days ago.  “Thought you might like to know how your basket came to Concord’s historic Benjamin Barron House (c.1716).  The British marched by this place in 1775.  Nearby, are the homes of Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorne and Ephraim Bull who developed the Concord grape.”

Benjamin Barron House

“A couple weeks ago, I tripped and broke the wooden mail basket that was here when my husband and I moved in 29 years ago.”

Broken Mail Box

“For an entire day, I searched the web for a replacement and finally found your website.  When your basket arrived I was delighted, and have set it behind the screws that held the old one.  BTW, we’ve had the same mailman since 1991.  Won’t he be tickled tomorrow at the sight of a new basket!”

New Mail Basket

“The ending goes like this .... the bad news is, my husband still leaves his outdoor shoes where I can trip over them.  The good news is, should anything ever happen to my beautiful new basket, I know the nicest lady to make me another!”

Wow ~ I feel honored!  I love seeing what people do with my baskets.

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VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  Your baskets are AWESOME!

Patricia Ray 03/15/13

Lovely story, lovely house, and lovely baskets!

knit1purl2 04/01/13

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